Monday, June 25, 2012

Chit Chat Chatting..!!

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Next day i called her in the evening.. night actually.. We(me and my friends) came out from BAR.. and i called her.. i was in my senses though..!

Usually i spent my weekends with my friends staying in G******n and i used to visit them every weekends.. and then we hangout somewhere..
This time we planned for a movie. The show was scheduled at 10 PM and ticket counter was supposed to open at 9.30 PM.. It was 8.30 when we reach there, so i asked my friends to have a little bit of booze and we would be back by 9.30 and will watch movie thereafter..
We entered a BAR nearby and came back at 9.30, i immediately called her and i can feel happiness in her voice.. we talked for about 20 mins and then i was loosing words so i bid my farewell to her..
To add to our poor luck, we couldn't get tickets as there was huge crowd and when our number came, only 1 ticket was left and we were three.. so we came back instantly.. While coming back to my friends place, it started drizzling ... i text her, if its raining at her side too. she replied no.. 1 or 2 more texts and then there came no reply.. i was sad but i convinced myself its ok .. as i am a new person in her life and it will take some more time to get her attention.
I din't call her next day and the weekend ends here.

Monday, i don't remember why but my mood was off . I saw her but din't find any response from her. i thought she's angry with me but why... After sometime when i was reading the message which i sent to her, and realized that in hurry i had written something else instead..

I text her that i am really sorry for the msg, i dint notice while sending and this sentences changes d complete meaning and i pasted the message which i actualy wanted to say.. she replied me to chill as she haven't noticed the details.. then what was the problem.. there still was something wrong.

Later that night we chatted and I came to know that it was her appraisal time, so she was a bit busy and tired too.. and the day ended with a happy and great CHATTING..!

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