Thursday, June 21, 2012

The differences

Yeah I know there are some differences between us which made us fight. Why wouldn't i fight, when on one side you say your day don't pass without seeing our faces.. And the next day you cant came out with me.. Why there is a difference between what you said and what you did.. You feel i don't know the difference between an excuse and a reason.. You had given the wings to my hope, the courage to my words and the right to fight with you.. Doesn't good friends fight? Yes they do.. This is how they resolve their difference.. Haven't i forgive you every time you ignore me and came back apologizing.. I know i lost my temper.. I was too harsh.. Even i felt d pain wen i said those words.. I felt guilty n apologized too.. U dint ask me anything this time.. Why??
Ok may be you were angry too.. But cant we resolve this difference.. I came back again asking you where we have been going wrong..? And you said nothing is wrong between us.. Its just that we are busy in our activities.. Nothing else.. What a valid excuse..? As if i wud nt be able to sense it..

If you are HAPPY this way, i wouldn't be bothering you EVER.

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