Friday, June 22, 2012

It's FRIDAY..!!

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Its been a week we had been talking.. There was no space of formality now.. We were getting to know every TIT BITS of each other..
Friday has been always lucky to me.. Be it in college or in office.. So how could this one be an exception..
I got her NUMBER today and her personal email id too. I was wondering how once i used to get goosebumps while asking a girl for her number.. Most of the times i don't initiate with exchanging numbers for the fear of getting embarrassed of hearing NO.. And now today how everything was so easy.. I asked her for her number without being anxious..!

It was really a great day today..And why not i had a walk with her first time(when she was leaving i asked her that i had some work outside, we'll go together and she didn't mind at all).. Though the distance was not long, but its memory would be living a long life..!!


  1. sai hai , yahan toh mamla set

  2. :)
    Congratulations on that. I hope Friday continues to be special for you, Nitin.