Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jab We(Eyes) Met..!! (Addiction Reloaded 2.0)

Hello my friends... how are yu.. its been long i havnt had any word with yu.. i hope yu are doing well... there is something which i need to tell yu.. and that something is ADDICTION RELOADED 2.0...!!!

yes .. u heard it right...


now yu must be wondering .. when.. where ... how..???
so here comes my story...!!!

It was during initial days in Office (not sure exactly when)... i was wandering here and there in the office to get a chair for myself... and then i found it (the chair yu fool).. and i saw her sitting opposite to the place where the chair was kept... the chair was kept at the desk of my Account Manager.. and she sits opposite to him.. oh yes... i saw her.. and when i was getting the chair.. i saw that she noticed me.. our eyes met...

tumse mili najar ke mere hosh udd gye.. pehli nazar me kaisa jadoo kar diya. (nothing that kind of stuff u silly)....

just casual eye contact.. her eyes fascinates me ... she is attracting me towards her... i want to see her again.. at the end of out KT, we were suppose to place the chair back to place, so i went to the same direction to get a glimpse of her.. everytime i go towards her to pick up or drop a chair, i found her noticing me..

i somehow got to know her name.. i got some case which belonged to her team and initially i thought she is elder to me (she looked so mature).. and then i did some R&D and found that she was also a new joinee, she joined some 4-5 months before me... i got this info after this case was over.. and most of the time , i use the same door which is close to her, just to notice her... although one door is there which is close to my seat.. but the door at the other end always attracts me.. because it is closer to loo and coffee machine (:P)...

after the case was over.. the only thing i was able to say her was a HI... yes.. u heard me correct.. a simple HI and that too formal and she also bids me back with a smile.. wat a cute smile she had...!!!

and after 4 months in Office, just 4 days before my bday.. i got involve in one case in which i had to get some details from her team .. wow wat a chance... yes dude .. i dint miss it.....!!

i pinged her and gathered some info... most abt her.. ;)
and she too was reciprocating.. she was taking interest.. this was the start of my ADDICTION RELOADED 2.0

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