Friday, July 27, 2012

100 days of Love - I

"Those cunning look in her eyes,
casting some magic which i couldn't defy,
standing right there dressed like an angel,
she came down for me from the sky,
red smirking lips were heaving in vibes
i was all lost in deep ocean eyes..
i was all lost in deep ocean eyes..!!"

Ronin had been dreaming this from so long and whoever says dreams are only dreams has not lived it ever or had not tried to chase it. It was the date he had been dreaming for so long. The diva in her red knee length strap less gown is sitting in front of his eyes. The glow in her face mesmerized him so much that he had lost control over my mind and suddenly a pinch brought him back. She pinched so hard asking him if he had brought her at such a deserted place to stare her only or he had also arranged some thing to eat. They had their share of snacks he had arranged beforehand.

Ronin stood up and put forward his hand indicating her to dance on the instrumental songs playing in the car. It is the full moon night, their first date. Ronin took her right hand in his left hand and his other hand went around her waist. From the waist line, he pulled her towards him and adjusted the distance they had in between to dance properly. Some romantic numbers were playing. Words were not finding their way, somehow Ronin managed to break the silence.

"You are look..looki...looking beauti..beautiful..." He fumbled upon the words.

She laughed and thanked him for the compliment.

"No Seriously.. i am not impressing you.. its a fact actually."

"Ok.. now listen" she said.


"I want to tell you something". Still dancing closely she whispered. His heart started beating at double pace when Preet asked him. His heart filled with joy on hearing this.

"Hmm.. i am listening"  their foot stopped tapping, holding their hands into each other.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful date.. i would always remember this day.. you are a good guy and a great friend.. i wish you will find a good girl for you..! the girl with whom you are going to get married will surely be the luckiest..! "

Ronin stood speechless there wondering what to say!

Preet continued, "tomorrow i am going to start my career in a new city.. i don't know what kind of people i am going to face in this new city.. but you would always be close to my heart.! Will you miss me?"

Ronin's word find no way to come out. His world would be gone somewhere in a couple of hours and he would be there all alone. Keeping stone on his heart he said,

"No .. why would i be (how could i miss you when you are in my every thought, you are the dream i see with my eyes open).. i would be joining XYZ company in a few days and would be busy in my new world.. but yes, i'll call you every weekend.. and you can call me anytime, incase if you miss me.."

Deep down inside Preet knew Ronin had a soft corner for her.

They separated and started moving towards the car. It was getting late and she had to be at her home on time. Both of them didn't utter a single word while coming back.

(To be continued..)
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