Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Proposal..!

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Slowly slowly, we were coming closer and the fondness of each other was increasing. I was having the good time of my life.

We were planning a trip for movie with our office mates. The plan was final and then she have had some urgent work due to which she said NO. I kept on asking her why she was not going. She told me so many excuses and i told her an answer for her every excuse. Lastly, she told me she had to go with her parents so she cant come with us and asked me to go alone this time. Some other time we'll go together, only two of us..!! WOW!! It sounds better..!! :)

Later next weekend, we both were out for the movie. After the movie was over, we were sitting in CCD.
"its been a long you are in mumbai, got some girl or not?" sipping the cappuccino she asked.
I was dumbstuck hearing this question. Never expected this thing to happen. One day i had to tell her my feelings, so why to miss the chance rather than looking for one.
"I like someone"
"Whhhhaaaaaaatttt...!!" spilling ouy the coffee on table. She was shocked. "But.. how.. when .. why.." a lot of questions she asked in one blow.
"I just like you..What do you think about me..?"
"you are a good friend of mine..i have not think about it.. i need some time.."
"sure.. take your time.."
There was pin drop silence after this and she hurriedly ended her coffee. I dropped her to the crossroads of her house. She bids me Bye and i can see her Blushing while going off.. What a beautiful sight it was..!! :)

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