Friday, July 20, 2012

The Awakening..!

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I woke up next morning with some unknown happiness in my heart. I thought of sending her a good morning message. 

"I wish the sun shine will glitter you with the rays of happiness and joy. I wish you a lovely morning."

I scrolled through the contacts. WTF!

Where's her number..??  My contact list has every number but her.
Did i deleted it last night..? I kicked my head with full fist. But was not able to remember what i had done with her number. All my happiness had evaporated.

I started getting ready for office in a haste. I reached office as soon as i could. I went through all my history chats but found nothing except the Hi/Hello and a few introductory chats. I looked at the bottom right corner of the screen and noticed the date. I felt a little bit strange.
I tried connecting all the scenes together.

Shit Man! It was a Dream! A Long Indeed! I never asked for her number..! We never dated..!

We are still acquaintances. So what.. we still had chances of getting known to each other. 
I had to chase my dreams now. I was happy and full of energy after all Its FRIDAY today. ;)

I kept waiting for her to enter the floor. I tried hard but i was not able to concentrate on my work. She didn't come and this Friday was waste. My heart was getting heavier with each passing moment.
I had to pass two more days to get a glimpse of her. 

Monday flew by, Tuesday was also gone and there was no sign of her. On Wednesday, out of curiosity i asked her whereabouts from one of her team mate. 

She had resigned and is getting married next month. Thursday was her last day in Office. She is gone!

My dreams were broken and shattered just like a smashed glass, on hearing this. I felt as if someone has cut down the wings of my desire. Somehow i managed myself and walked out of office to have some fresh breathe. 

I walked down the road, reached a tea stall. Had some tea, but my heart was still lost in the dreams of mine. 

Dreams are dreams afterall. This is why they are not real.

"Excuse Me", i was walking back to the office when i heard a lovely female voice. She had a lovely face too.
"Could you please tell me where this building is ..?" she asked
She was asking the address of my office. She was a new joinee.
I told her i work there and was walking back. She followed me..!!

For one story to begin, another has to end..! ;) 

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