Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Wandered Thoughts - I

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So, Her appraisal was over and the week was coming to an end..!

It was saturday.. I called her.. she didn't hang up.. she was having dinner that time.. i guess this is what she told me.. i really don't remember.. have to check.... leave it..
i got her on gmail.. it was shocking day.. Night u can say ( we IT Creatures never had a day, we believe in nights only).. my dreams shattered when i got to know that she is getting married soon and her parents have seen a guy for her.. she is going to meet him this festival..
Ohhh i hate him.. X(
the only thing i like in whole conversation was what she get to know about him is his narrow mindedness...
i know frank gals don't like narrow minded people.. and for now he's just a friend until she meets him..
these words give boost to my dreams..
she told me that she's a hard nut to crack..
i don't want to crack her.. i want to melt her in my arms..
i want to hold her like forever..
and i don't know whether it will happen or not..

will I be ever get so close to her or just another chapter of her life...
O lord help me please...
fill her heart with mine love.. post a picture of mine in her heart... (LOL.. yeah the dialogue is from Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani :P)
i don't know what you have put in my bag of life.. must be something better... i hope she is that "something better"... please give me some sign .. i am totally lost and have believe in my love.. please keep my faith in love.. and never let it break... o lord you will help me i know.. as you have helped me all the times...Amen!

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