Sunday, August 5, 2012

100 days of Love - II

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Next morning,Ronin woke up haphazardly and found a text on his cell by Preet. It reads "thankyou for everything.. be it in college or anything, you were always there.. m leaving.. bye.. takecare.."

Ronin was surprised to find that he slept more today. Had he slept earlier, he would be bidding her farewell. His watch was reading 11AM. Should he call her? or should he not? After thinking for a while, he decided to call her in the evening. She would have reached by evening at her cousin's place. Evening would be an ideal time to call her. Ronin stepped outside his room and got involved in his daily routine activities. 
Being Sunday, Ronin got busy with his friends and forgot what time it had been. He came back home during  midnight. He was about to call Preet when he thought she might be sleeping. Again, not a good time to call her. 
Ronin called Preet next day as soon as he got up to find her busy in her job. She was busy in her induction.
Few days passed by, both were not able to find appropriate time for each other. Ronin has not find any job for him yet and he was not able to focus on anything but her. He thought of taking a job in Delhi. This way he could be able to stay close to her.

Ronin told his parents about the job and left for Delhi, the city where his love is, the next day.

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