Saturday, August 18, 2012

100 days of Love - III

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Ronin wanted to surprise Preet of his arrrival in her city, so he didn't inform her beforehand.
Ronin had a friend Ajay who was already working in delhi and had taken a flat on rent somewhere in South Delhi. Ronin called Ajay to confirm his address.
It was Saturday. Day has fallen and the night has started. Ajay took Ronin to a local club. Both had a great time drinking beers and dancing with random girls around. Ronin was imagining what if Preet would have been his side and both of them were having dance together. Ajay broke his imagination asking if he still wants to sit there or go back. They were already 4 beers down. Ronin ask him to go back. Both enjoyed the evening and came back to Ajay's room.

Preet had a holiday on Sunday. As soon as Ronin got up, the first thing he did was ringing Preet. Preet was missing her family and friends. The moment she heard Ronin is in town, her joy knew no bound. Her life had been dull, ever since she had joined her company. She got no time for her except Sunday. They made a plan to have lunch together, some chit chat, roaming around and then movie in the evening.

Ronin was happy and was getting dressed as if going to get married today. He was going to see her after 2 weeks, a long time for him.

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