Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wings of Desire..!

This was the day different from other days of ma life. The way she waved her hand, it was first tym she was bidding bye to me.It never happened in last years. I dont know wat was it, For a moment i lose ma heartbeat. She was going. I dont wanna let her go. But i don hav d right to stop her. i wished to God to make this moment last forever. If he couldn't make this moment last forever.then atleast gimme dese moments frequently. I just need her. I don kno wen suddenly she takes control all over ma mind. N i fell deeply in love, knowing the consequences that she cudnt be mine. But it doesnt mean that i shud not ask God to make her mine.Coz sumtyms STARS do fall.

It was first time wen she waited for me after exams. I came out of examination hall after 2 mins n found her standing wid a group.The group which she didnt belongs to. I asked her for exam n we came out from there to reception where she found her group.She bids me BYE n moved towards them. I was just Speechless when she waves her hand for BYE. I don wanna loose her company.But life's not so easy. We cant get wat we want. We get  only wat we hav in our destiny.

Lets see wat is in my Destiny. I want her to be in mine destiny, but wat if she demands sum1 else. But still i want just her.Hoping for a wonderful end of the story.I don know wat vil b d end of the story but i kno that every story has a happy ending. n one fine day this story vil also find its happy ending.

"Love doesn't comes with Lifetime Guarantee..
But it stays in our heart forever..!!"

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