Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Lost Friend

"Pooja is a boy.. pooja is a boy.." the sound started echoing as soon as the class teacher went outside. The small kids were making a comment on a new girl which had taken admission into their class. the girl was about to cry when Sagar took his turn as a monitor and ask the notorious students to keep mum. This is a scene of Std I. Sagar saved Pooja from harassment in the class. It was so difficult for Sagar to handle everyone to keep them quiet. After all, they were growing up and so does their curiosity. They had never seen a girl wearing a boy cut hair style. There was a pin drop silence in the room as soon as Sheila madam took an entry.
Sheila madam asked the class about the noise. Pooja got up and told the madam about the incident and also let her know how Sagar took charge of the class to make their voice down.
Sheila madam asked Pooja to change her seat and made her sit with Sagar. She asked pooja to sit on this seat daily.
It was the time when there was no such thing as good/best friend. A friend was a friend, a friend for life. And both of them were in age where friendship meant to come school daily, ask about each other and play with each other in the evening.

Sagar was enjoying a cup of tea with his father in the evening when they heard a knock on their door. It was Pooja, she came with her mother to introduce her to Sagar. Her mother was happy to see her child getting acquainted with people in a new place. It became a daily routine for them to come school together, sit together, having lunch together and then playing together in the evening along with other children of their colony.

Sagar woke up remembering the incident and the face of Pooja was popping up into his head constantly. Its been 17-18 years, this story took place and now he has no idea where she is. Which place does her father got transferred to. which place does she belong to. All he could able to recollect is her father works in a Bank. He still has not forgotten her face. Suddenly why after so much time she came to her mind, that too while sleeping. He was curious to find where she is now. Now is the time where you can get connected to your old friends through different social networking sites. But the question is will she be able to recollect who Sagar is? Will she be so excited to meet Sagar as much as Sagar is?

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