Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Telepathy

"hi watsup?" popped up my office messenger from the bottom right corner of the computer.
"I'm doing good. you say watsup with you?" I replied.
"I wanted to know something regarding XYZ process"
"I too was about to ping you for the same"
"Telepathy.. Isn't it????"
Telepathy. The word started echoing through my mind,  the manner in which the pendulum of the bell keep swinging across.


As soon as the car came to an halt for refuelling. I picked up my phone to call, only to find some strange number calling me. I was getting call from this number for the first time but the number seemed familiar. 
"Hello"  her sweet voice erupted from the other side of the phone. My joy knew no leaps and bounds. here I was about to call her and at the same time, she was calling me up. 
"You know something, I just took out the mobile from the pocket to call you up and at the same time you called me up"
"Yeah.. dil se dil ki baat pahuch gyi.. telepathy.... hai na?"
"When will you stop flirting?"
"Am I not allowed to say what I feel.. you changed the you believe in telepathy?"
"Don't know...never heard of it"
I started explaining her about telepathy and how ancient people were using this technique to talk to each other through distances. Our conversation moved from one topic to another.. from today to tomorrow.. to the dreams, to the wish, to the hopeless desires... ultimately ending up on ground zero with shattered pieces of heart lying across.

Coming back to senses, my fingers started typing. 

"Telepathy doesn't exist"

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