Thursday, July 18, 2013

Like It Happened Yesterday!!

I feel like it was yesterday only, when I entered into my first class, I wore my first dress, I rode my first bicycle, I went to my first college, I attempted my first exam and many more. The list is never ending and can not be forgotten. However, there are many things which keep dangling around in our mind for no reason.
While riding down the slope on bicycle from Kanheri Caves, drizzles bestow upon me the peace, tranquility and some faded memories. The memories my childhood days, I took my bicycle on the road during downpour and got wet. The sweet scent of sand filled the nostril with an aroma undefined, magic unseen and serenity uncontrolled. I just wanted to go home, said the inner instinct of me, for a holiday to ride my bicycle again on those waterlogged roads, for a couple of days to re-live those moments again. How I wished, I could … Only if wishes are horses..!! I know I couldn’t time travel and go back, but yes while riding down from Kanheri Caves in the rain did made me feel Like It Happened Yesterday.
The girl which you saw first while getting admission in the college: Like It Happened Yesterday. The first person you befriended in your college. He came towards me as soon as first lecture was over and forwarded his hand towards me to introduce him. You don’t remember me, I was sitting behind you when you came to this college for first time and we both were filling up our form. Some faded figure was coming up, but still I was not sure if it was him. The memory and those words are still imprinted in my mind: Like It Happened Yesterday.
The first time you confess someone that you like them. And then, thinking about something which is never going to happen. All those words said, and some left unsaid still makes me feel Like It Happened Yesterday.
Boozing on weekends with friends, howsoever tight the budget is. Purchasing the cheapest whisky available and with each sip, making fun of how much emotional fool the other is: Like It Happened Yesterday.
During college days, each one of us had a tight budget. On that tight budget, heading out with a bunch of friends locating the economical restaurant makes me feel Like It Happened Yesterday. Yes, we did found one. The Indian Coffee House. It was the best suited for our budget and the flavor of Dosa is still afresh deep down inside of me. How we used to order different snacks and then grab the piece from each other’s tray: Like It Happened Yesterday. Gone are the days and left over is just memory : sweet faded memory. 
First day at office, the mesmerizing eyes which I saw at the other end of the floor still makes me feel Like It Happened Yesterday.
There are many other things which makes each one of us feel Like It Happened Yesterday. I would now like to hear from you. What makes you feel Like It Happened Yesterday?

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