Saturday, October 17, 2015

Two Different Worlds

She "We are two different worlds. We do not have anything common"
He "This is what makes us unique. We complement each other by filling the space left over"
She "No its not like that. You dont like reading but I do. You are into artistics and I love logic. You like music and I dont have time for music"
He "Then, let's make it easy. You read for me and I will sing for you. You give me the logic and I will be un-logical"
She "Even if we accept it this way, I do not see any future"
He "What is the other problem. I can solve anything"
She "You are Sindhi and I am Punjabi. My Dad will never approve of you."
He "Leave it on me. I am sure he will be charmed by me. I just want your approval"
She "No, I do not. I do not want to cry once again, I do not want to fall for some person with whom I would not be able to spend my life because I know my Dad. He will never approve of you. This is impossible. We are two differnt worlds which can never meet"

The climax of "Think Like a Man" brought nostalgic moments to Deepak. How could someone think of the same way he did once and that too in the same year. We defnitely have people thinking alike in this different world. Though the reel life always have a happy ending, while in real life The Different Worlds never meet.

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